Worth Waking Up To


Wishful Breakfast

Waking up every morning to the smell of the sea, the sound of waves or to the calling of sea gulls must be one of the things I wish for most in this world. Living in urban Singapore does make that a pretty hard wish to come true though……

What else would be worth waking up to?

Something sweet, salty, smooth, cripsy and definitely decadent. Kaya toast, an Asian twist to what we commonly know as toast and jam.

*Eggs *Dark Brown Sugar *Coconut Milk *Pandan Leaves

Mixing all of the above in a bowl every ten minutes for about an hour over a pot of boiling water produces this lovely fragrant coconut jam.

Sandwich this and some salted butter between toasted white or brown bread.

*Warm Milk *Tea Leaves *Cinnamon *Cloves *Star Anise *Cardomom

Not normally the accompaniment to this breakfast is masala tea which to me, makes the perfect beverage to dunk the toast in!


3 thoughts on “Worth Waking Up To

  1. I wonder how it would be to have a coconut toast for breakfast… unexpected, exotic, oriental for sure. We know the world as a lot to offer, but I find it delightful to discover that with you!

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