Iced green tea for a fiery afternoon


Summer drink

On a hot summer day, do the unbearable: boil some water.

Take a large container. Pour plentiful of aromatic green tea leaves into a filter. Then, slowly add the water, letting it gently soak the astringent flavour of the Camellia Sinensis. Let it be for a few minutes. Take the leaves out and let the preparation cool. Store for a few hours inside the fridge.

On the side, prepare your other ingredients: cut a robust lemon in half, peal a piece of spicy ginger, choose three ripe purple passion fruits and pick the leaves of some fresh mint sprigs.

When the time has come, add the Passiflora seeds to the tea, releasing its juicy firm pulp from the rind. Squeeze the lemon till all its sour taste has joined the liquid. Add the ginger and the mint. Blend it all together pushing the button of the liquidiser.

Strain the refreshing result into a clear glass jug, adding solid rocks of ice and a few leaves of mint to colour with freshness.

Serve to end your summer reprieve.

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