At the Intersection of Peach and Lime




Though the heart of the American South is widely believed to be at least six hours’ drive north of us, I like to think I live in the south, especially during peach season. I can get heavy Georgia peaches at roadside stands, and my neighbors grow Key limes. Here’s a cocktail to show you what I mean.

Make this with Key limes if you can get them, Persian if you can’t. Since Key limes are smaller and more acidic, you’ll want the zest and juice of the whole thing, and an extra spoonful of sugar to make two drinks. If you chill the peach and the lime along with the Prosecco, the drink will be absolutely cold as it hits your lips, which you want. This is not too much work. It is July here, and don’t think of knocking the bubbles out and shaking the Prosecco with ice as a cheat. Hemingway would not approve.

Peel one cold peach with a vegetable peeler, cut away the pit and drop the chunks into a small food processor. Rinse the peach juice from your fingers. Add to the peaches the zest of half a Persian lime, the juice of that half lime, and a teaspoon of cane sugar. Puree. Scoop two tablespoons of the peachy puree into a tumbler or wine glass. Add Prosecco, wait a moment, give it a stir. Now sit down in the shade, and talk about books.


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