Round lusciousness


The sound of the storks floods the afternoon air as I’m reading some lines of my book. The wind is passing through the windows trying to cool down the house but I still feel drowsy and in need for a cup of coffee. I just had lunch and when I’m on vacation a cup of this bitter liquid never comes alone. A little shot of sweet indulgence is always on the menu. Generally I go for a rotund sugary delight called ‘Morgado’. When you give it a bite all its inner layers are revealed. The toughness of the outer skin covered with diced almonds is balanced by the smooth consistency of its egg and ‘chila’ pumpkin preserve filling.

The round lusciousness combined with the sharpness of the coffee gives me the energy to read some more and enjoy the summer breeze passing by as I listen to the swallows chirping in a frenzy.

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