A leap of faith



Raw green smoothie

Celery, spinach, apple and cucumber. I have no idea of what good can come from blending all this raw ingredients into something that I’ll have to drink – apart from the intake of huge amount of vitamins, mineral salts and proteins, of course – but I decided that today is the day that I’ll give it a go.

So, I’m in my kitchen, chopping into a blender chunks of these green healthy food and wondering if I’ll get the courage to take it all in. I think I’m having the same feeling I had when my mum made me take large spoons of carrot and onion homemade syrup to calm down my soured throat. Ewww!

Forgive me raw eating readers, I know that I’m reducing raw diet to a stereotype but this is my moment of truth, my leap of faith into these universe made up of protein smoothies, healthy raw strange concoctions and green detoxifier culinary.

Here it goes! Cheers!

First impression: Not as bad as I thought. The sweet flavour of the apple smoothed the strong spicy astringent kick of the celery. Spinach was almost unnoticeable and the freshness of the cucumber established itself as the foundation of it all.

Second impression: It tastes more like soup than juice! A fresh one like “gaspacho”. Just in need of some salt, pepper and olive oil. And ice cubes.

Can you imagine how it ended? Not bad for a raw demystification!


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