Coffee at Garrett


Coffee at Lisbon

When I think of coffee, I first think of its engaging powerful aroma.

It has always been a part of my life and of my mother’s who religiously, every morning, stood by our old rusty stove, waiting to hear the smothered bubbling sound that announced the magical appearance of this scented liquid.

Today, this perfume still has a particular effect on me. It is the main reason for one of my shopping addictions in Lisbon: when I want to buy coffee, I go to Casa Pereira, on Garrett street, one of the few still surviving traditional 3 C’s stores – Coffee, Cookies and Chocolate -, located in historical Chiado neighbourhood.

It’s a journey into the seductive appeal of homemade coffee blends, where the coveted rich brown grains are swallowed by a sexy aged grinder, which makes a monotonous but comforting semi-loud noise while you wait for it to return your precious cargo into a large metallic funnel. The powder is then poured into paper packages beautifully labelled with a typographic composition and off you go, towards home, inside your car deeply embedded in an intoxicating mood.

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