Awakening to heady cardamom and monsoon showers



With my eyes half open after a long afternoon siesta I’d look above me to see the slow winding ceiling fan, hearing the monotonous humming of the air conditioner and lazily stretching as a loud crackle of thunder jolts me out of bed. Thinking back now I can almost smell the dusty humidity outside as I opened my bedroom window to be greeted by warm earthy Monsoon raindrops spitting at my face, gracing the room with a breeze alive with the aroma rising from the kitchen below – of sweet cardamom Chai paired with spicy pakoras. It was that time of year – when the Heavens’ descended  to grace the earth with a hit of warm drops of a much needed respite from endless days of sultry suffocation. The smell of rain, thunder and lightning calls for a seat in the patio, over a banter and a brew of cardamom tea. A match made in heaven.

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