Curiosity, curiosity, curiosity… spices or herbs?




Not used to the big mixes of spices since the traditional Venezuelan food uses some but not too many spices.  And being a lover of food, aromas and mixture of cultures, every time I travel some of the spots I cant miss are markets, food stores and obviously traditional restaurants.

On my last visit to Rome I wanted to get away from the obvious (pasta, tomatoes, lasagna, pizza).  So I asked for a local spot were I could have a small culinary tour, they sent me to a street were I found a cheese fabric, a traditional ice cream store and a Spice store.  This last one immediately took my attention so many aromas, colors, forms from so many places. The owner who sales his own mixes and recipe proposals gave me a sensorial tour through his many jars, it was impossible not to pick one, he explained everything what was on it, were to mix it, how to use it, etc, etc. Finally I picked what seemed like an Italian mixture for white meats to be grilled (rosmarino, salvia, bacche ginepro frantumante, dried garlic, fior di sale marino) Can’t wait to taste my next grilled chicken!

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