World Slices is a collaborative project between seven people living in three continents, with a spoonful of stories to tell about what they eat, how they eat it and where they eat it.

From multi sensorial Singapore, with Sofiah Schuetzenberger, crossing continents till Switzerland, with which Venezuelan Mafe Fernandez is now very much in love, stopping along the way in Portugal, where André Rodrigues da Silva e Susana Lourenço are rediscovering their roots, in England, where Sumayya Jamil is already spreading her love about the haunting flavours of Pakistani cuisine, and in Scotland, where homecrafts expert and herbalist Karon Grieve is wrapped up in words in her quirky cottage, World Slices finally reaches the other side of the globe, making the new world its final destination, where Monica Dix is ready to tell us all about Florida alligators and her Puerto Rican heritage in the USA.

Food stories about sharing plates full of flavours, aromas and textures over the worldwide table.


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